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Cell Culture and Staining

Cell Culture

Preparation of Balanced Salt Solutions
Basic Cell Subculture
Culture of PC12 Neuron-Like Pheochromocytoma Cells
Preparation of Embryo Extract
Chick Embryonic Myotube Culture
Chick Embryonic Cardiac Myocyte Culture

Cell Manipulation

Dual-Needle Microfluidic Local Drug Delivery

Fixation and Fluorescent Staining

Fixation with Formaldehyde and Acetone
Fixation with Glutaraldehyde
Vital Staining of Chromosomes with Hoechst 33258
Basic Staining with Fluorescent Phalloidin or Antibodies
Staining of Monomeric Actin with Fluorescent Gc Globulin
Preparation of Antibleaching Cocktail