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Spindle Positioning and Orientation in Response to Changes in Cell Shape

O'Connell and Wang, Mol. Biol. Cell 11:1765-1774 (2000)

Mitotic spindle in cultured cells is localized typically near the cell center, with the spindle axis aligning with the long axis of the cell. To test the hypothesis that mitotic spindle is positioned by an active mechanism that detects the cell shape, the position and orientation of mitotic spindle were followed upon the manipulation of cell shape with a glass microprobe.

Spontaneous Spindle Rotation in Unmanipulated Cells

Active spindle repositioning and rotation is observed commonly in cultured cells. The spindle typically settles near the center of the cell, with its long axis aligning with the long axis of the cell. Recording time, 25 min.

Rotation of Mitotic Spindle in a Cell Manipulated to Alter the Orientation of the Long Axis

A blunted microneedle was gently placed against the membrane and pushed forward to deform the cell. The spindles rotated in response and became aligned with the long axis of the cell by mid-anaphase. Recording time, 25 min.