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Dynamics of Non-Filamentous Actin Aggregates in Motile Cells

Cao et al., J. Cell Biol. 123:173-181 (1993)

Besides filament bundles and filament networks in lamellipodia, there are also a number of amorphous actin aggregates with unknown functions in cultured cells. These structures can be detected easily in cells microinjected with fluorescently labeled actin.

Rearward Movement of Actin Aggregates

Many, but not all, of these actin aggregates move rearward, with a speed and pattern similar to those for the "cortical flow". New aggregates form continuously behind the lamellipodia. Recording time, 10 min.

Association of Actin Aggregates with Membrane Vesicles

Actin aggregates are associated with the "macropinosomes" that form at lamellipodia and move toward the cell center. These macropinosome may move in a way similar to the movement of Listeria and other intracellular parasitic micro-organisms. Recording time, 7 min.