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Experimental Materials

Polymers and Cell Culture Substrates

Polyacrylamide Sheets as Cell Culture Substrates
Polyacrylamide Particles
Micropatterning Cell Adhesion on Polyacrylamide-Grafted Glass
Micropatterning Cell Adhesion on Polyacrylamide Hydrogels
Preparation of a Micropatterned Rigid-Soft Composite Substrate


Amplification of Plasmids

Protein Assays and Handling

BCA Protein Concentration Assay
Lowry Protein Concentration Assay
Pyrene Actin Polymerization Assayx
Protein Storage by Drop-Freezing

Purification of Proteins from Tissues

Brain Calmodulin
Brain Profilin
Brain Tubulin
Cellular Fibronectin
Gizzard Alpha-Actinin and Vinculin
Gizzard Myosin II
Skeletal Muscle Acetone Powder
Skeletal Muscle Actin from Acetone Powder
Skeletal Muscle Myosin II
Myosin II HMM and LMM Fragments
Myosin II S1 and Rod Fragments

Fluorescent Labeling of Proteins

Fluorescein Actin (Sulfhydryl)
Fluorescein Actin (Amine)
Pyrene Actin
Rhohdamne Actin (Sulfhydryl)
Rhodamine Alpha-Actinin
Fluorescein Vitamin D Binding Protein
Rhodamine Myosin II (Heavy & Light Chains)
Rhodamine Myosin II (Primarily Light Chains)
Rhodamine Tubulin
Rhodamine Vinculin