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Cell Division

Introduction: Phase Contrast Movie of Cell Division and Microtubule Dynamics during Cell Division

Structures and Dynamics

Dynamics of Actin Filaments during Early Cytokinesis (1990)
Three-Dimensional Organization of Actin Filaments during Cytokinesis (1993)
Flux of Membrane Components during Cytokinesis (1994, 1996)
Dependence of Cytokinesis on Midzone Microtubules in Cells Treated with Topoisomerase II Inhibitors (1998)
Spindle Positioning and Orientation in Response to Changes in Cell Shape (2000)
Mapping the Requirement of Local Cortical Integrity for Cytokinesis by Local Drug Release (2001)
Dynamics of Membrane Clathrin-Coated Structures during Cytokinesis (2006)
Cortical Dynamics of Actin and Myosin during Early Cytokinesis Detected with TIRF Optics (2008)
Probing Intracellular Force Gradient with Soft Polymers during Cytokinesis (unpublished)

Signaling & Regulation

Probing the Role of Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Phosphorylation in Cytokinesis (1991)
Probing the Functional Role of Spindle Midzone in Cytokinesis by Microperforation (1996)
Dependence of Cytokinesis on Midzone Microtubules in Multipolar and Nocodazole-Treated Cells (1996)
Regulation of Anaphase Spindle Dynamics and Cytokinesis by CDK1 Inactivation (1997)
Regulation of Cell Shape and Ingression by the Small GTPase Rho during Cytokinesis ( 1999)
Dynamics and Functional Roles of Aurora B Kinase during Cytokinesis (2002)
Involvement of Both Midzone and Astral Microtubules in Signaling Cytokinesis (2002)
Regulation of Cell Cycle by Anaphase Spindle Midzone as Detected by Microsurgery (2005)