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Organization and Dynamics of Cellular Structures

Flux of Actin Subunits at the Leading Edge of Fibroblasts (1985)
Responses of the Actin Cytoskeleton to ATP Depletion and Replenishment (1986)
Responses of the Actin Cytoskeleton to PKC Activation (1986)
Protein Flux along Stress Fibers (1986)
Assembly of Myofibrils in Developing Myotubes (1986)
Highly Dynamic Invadopodia in Transformed Cells (1987)
Assembly and Flux of Myosin II in the Lamella of Fiborblasts (1989)
Non-Filamentous Actin Aggregates (1993)
Three-Dimensional Organization of Actin Filaments during Cytokinesis (1993)
Effects of a High Molecular Weight Tropomyosin on Organelle Transport (1996)
Dynamics and Functional Roles of Aurora B Kinase during Cytokinesis (2002)
Dynamics of Membrane Clathrin-Coated Structures during Cytokinesis (2006)
Mechanosensitive Protein Fluxes at Focal Adhesions (2007)
Cortical Dynamics of Actin and Myosin II during Early Cytokinesis Detected with TIRF Optics (2008)