Topics Approaches    


Cell Culture and Manipulation

Cell Imaging





* Tabletop Ultracentrifuge (left) * Cell Culture Facilities and cell counter
* PCR Thermocycler (center left) * Amaxa Nucleofector (center right)
* Microfabrication and Micropatterning Facilities * Plasma Generator
* SLA 3D Printers (right) * Plate Reader (floor facility)


* Multiple Microscope Imaging Workstations (left) * Microscope Stage Incubators
* Electron-Multiplication CCD Cameras (center right) * Precision Motorized stages and Auto-Focusing
* Spinning Disk Confocal Head (center left) * Total-Internal Reflection Fluorescence Optics
* Photobleaching System * Atomic Force Microscope (floor facility, right)
*Scanning laser confocal microscopes (floor facility)

Single Cell Micromanipulation

* Micromanipulators (left) * Custom Microinjection Pressure Regulators (center right)
* Micropipette Puller (center left) * Microforge (right)

Computation and Image Processing

- Multi-Position Timelapse Image Data Collection - Auto-Focusing
- Deconvolution - AI-Driven Cell Tracking
- Denoising - Optical Flow/PIV Analysis
- Temporal Differential Microscopy - Spatial Temporal Image Correlation Analysis