PI Staff Students  

David Li


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Email: davidli andrew.cmu.edu
2012 B.S. in Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University
2014 M.S. in Biomedical Engineering Boston University
2019 Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University
Research Experience:
2008 - 2012 J. J. Green Lab, Johns Hopkins University. Combinatorial Polymeric Gene Delivery Vectors
2012 - 2014 J. Y. Wong Lab, Boston University Biomimetic Modifications to Microfluidic Silk Spinning
2014 - 2020 Y-L. Wang Lab, Carnegie Mellon University Mechanosensing of Cell Migration
Awards and Honors:
2013 Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Fellowship
2014 BMES Annual Meeting Reviewer’s Choice Award

Wang, Y.-L., and Li, D. (2020) Creating complex polyacrylamide hydrogel structures using 3D printing with applications to mechanobiology.  Macromol. Biosci.

Li, D., and Wang, Y.-L. Mechanobiology, tissue development and tissue engineering. Principles of Tissue Engineering, Fifth Edition (R. Lanza, R. Langer, J.P. Vacanti, and A. Atala eds), Academic Press, Cambridge, MA, pp 237-256.

Li, D., and Wang, Y.-L. (2018) Coordination of cell migration mediated by site-dependent cell-cell contact.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105:10678-10683.

Li, D., Jacobsen, M. M., Rim, N. G., Backman, D., Kaplan, D. L., and Wong, J. Y. (2017) Introducing biomimetic shear and ion gradients to microfluidic spinning improves silk fiber strength. Biofabrication 9:025025.

Jacobsen, M. M., Li, D., Rim, N. G., Backman, D., Smith, M. L., and Wong, J. Y. (2017) Silk-fibronectin protein alloy fibres support cell adhesion and viability as a high strength, matrix fibre analogue. Scientific Reports 7:45653.

Lin, S., Ryu, S., Tokareva, O., Gronau, G., Jacobsen, M. M., Huang, W., Rizzo, D. J., Li, D., Staii, C., Pugno, N. M., Wong, J. Y., Kaplan, D. L., and Buehler, M. J. (2015) Predictive modelling-based design and experiments for synthesis and spinning of bioinspired silk fibres. Nature Communications 6:6892.

Sunshine, J. C., Akanda, M. I., Li, D., Kozielski, K. L., and Green, J. J. (2011) Effects of base polymer hydrophobicity and end group modification on polymeric gene delivery. Biomacromolecules 12:3592-3600.