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Effects of a High Molecular Weight Tropomyosin on Organelle Transport

Pelham et al., J. Cell Sci. 109:981-989 (1996)

Non-muscle cells express a complex array of tropomyosin isoforms that differ substantially in molecular weight. The functions of these isoforms are poorly understood. Microinjection of cultured epithelial cells with a high molecular weight tropomyosin lead to the surprising finding that this protein affects the distribution of organelles.

Retrograde Movement of Organelles Induced by the Microinjection of Tropomyosin

A Normal Rat Kidney cells was microinjected with human tropomyosin 3. The injection induced condensation of organelles into finger-like strands, which then collapsed into the perinuclear region. The cell retracted transiently after microinjection but re-spread afterwards. This response suggests that human tropomyosin 3 is involved in the regulation of organelle transport and distribution. Recording time, 83 min.